What happens when you hear the word “ethical hacker”? You get goosebumps. Yes, because it is one of the most challenging things to do. Ethical hackers are security professionals who evaluate and refine their skills to defend humans and protect their sensitive data or informative systems.

A severe attack can cause monetary loss, dignity loss, and various legal issues. To find information system flaws and provide the groundwork for fixing them, ethical hacking is a method that is employed before an attack takes place. Hiring a hacker is the best decision that a business or company dealing with sensitive information can take.

What does an ethical hacker do?

Ethical hackers have the same primary motivation as malevolent hackers: to defeat a target's online defenses. An ethical hacker, as the term indicates, adheres to the law and will inform a firm of any flaws they discover in its assets. Some ethical hackers work alone, but many companies hire or collaborate with them.

Cybersecurity or ethical hacker has to follow specific mandatory steps while malicious hacking.

  • Making their way off through the trails-The attacker wants to keep their destructive activity on the computer systems hidden from the public, so they clear trails and install back doors. Rootkits can remove these records effectively once more.
  • Reconnaissance: The endeavor of an attacker to learn as much as possible about a target before launching an attack. You can conduct passive or aggressive reconnaissance.
  • Holding access- Once a hacker has gained access to the network and the machines connected to it, they want to keep it.
  • Holding access- The stage of holding access is when the actual attack is carried out. Thus, the greatest level of business hazards is determined.

What are the roles of an ethical hacker?

The fundamental objective of an ethical hacking profession is to defend computer systems from different threats. But an ethical hacker has many more roles and responsibilities -

  • They evaluate security settings and look for safer methods, techniques, equipment, and software. They oversee staff security training and take part in meetings for developing cybersecurity, among other duties.
  • They try to stop impact breaches. System security requires the installation of firewalls and encryption software.
  • Protecting private data, including billing and customer information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data is the primary responsibility of a data security analyst.

Why do companies hire ethical hackers?

Big companies hire trusted ethical hackers, as they plan and strategize with defensive purposes and offensive approaches. They are highly skilled and help businesses fix their vulnerability. They also limit the liability of the business they are associated with.

Due to their high skill level, ethical hackers can safely mimic the behaviors of black hat hackers to expose gaps in a company's cybersecurity defenses. Besides strengthening their cybersecurity defenses, this also gives them the ability to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. The trusted hackers hire ensures that the hackers test the security continuously and reduce the risks of cyber attacks.

How to ensure that you have hired the right Ethical Hacker?

  • Any professional who works in the areas of software development life cycle and application security must have in-depth programming knowledge.
  • The hacker must have familiarity with search engines and servers.
  • The ethical hacker you hire must be well-versed and know the various platforms used by multiple devices.
  • An ethical hacker must be educated and refined with hacking tools and methods.
  • They must understand and be well-versed in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and C/C

Do ethical hackers have demand in the business market?

Considering how popular cybercriminals are, ethical hackers are in high demand. The reputation of ethical hackers is changing, and many now consider them to be the core of IT security testing. They still have some work to do to persuade corporations they are in this for the right reasons, though. Organizations may access a more comprehensive network of skills, experiences, and knowledge by connecting to a network of security specialists. They are enabling security teams worldwide to expand without adding more personnel.

Parting Thoughts

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